Everything about dentures

Everything about dentures

Looking to replace Missing Teeth with a denture? – You’ve come to the right place.

At DentalCare we are able to provide a comprehensive range of denture options. Full dentures or partial, plastic or metal-framed.

Some dentists prefer to leave denture provision to technicians/denture clinics. We do the denture work ourselves and because we have our own dental technician can complete work on-site and with efficient turnaround. We make a lot of dentures, we enjoy the work and get good results. Unlike dental technicians we combine the care of remaining natural teeth as well as Oral Cancer screening with making and maintaining dentures.

More information about dentures

Considering ‘having your teeth out’ and getting dentures?

We can help you with this big decision. Many people have more life in their natural teeth than they imagine, however there are cases where we agree that full dentures are the best option for a particular patient. If so we can arrange to have the entire procedure completed at our practice. The first step is for us to make a full assessment of the situation and give all the options as well as convey the best idea of what denture-wearing is like especially in the early stages when the learning process can be very challenging.

If extractions and a full denture is chosen then we usually arrange to pre-make the denture prior to removing the teeth . So there is no need for you to have the embarrassment of being toothless until the dentures are made. This is called an Immediate Denture . There are cases where it is better to allow some settling of the gums before making the denture – sometimes with a lower denture – this is a Delayed Denture.

Loose lower denture problem?

Many full denture wearers love their upper denture but find their loose lower denture a problem. Without the ‘suction’ that anchors an upper denture the lower denture floats around freely and can be difficult to chew with.
Help is available. Imagine a lower denture firmly held in the right place with an even stronger hold than the upper denture has.

Locator attachments are now available that hold your lower denture firmly in place. The Snap-fastener style attachments use two small implants in the jaw to anchor the denture. So the denture ‘snaps in’ instead of floating loosely around. A firm pull allows you to remove it for cleaning.

So how does this happen? The process involves minor surgery followed by a wait of a few months while the implants settle into the jaw – then the attachments are connected, the denture is firmly held in place and the life-changing results follow.

Call us to arrange a consultation to see whether implants/locator attachments are right for you.