Teeth keep breaking?
A crown may be the happy answer

Teeth keep breaking?<br />A crown may be the happy answer

Heavily-filled teeth do keep breaking. And with repeated fractures teeth can become less and less reliable, sensitive on biting or to cold and eventually may not be able to be repaired any more.

A crown is a tough cap that restores the shape and strength of a tooth. And it looks and feels just like a healthy, unfilled tooth. A crown protects the remaining tooth structure and feels strong to bite on.

The process takes place over two appointments. The first to remove old filling, shape and impression the remaining tooth, and fit a temporary crown. The second appointment sees the fitting of the custom-made crown.

Crowns need a suitable amount of tooth-core to strongly attach to. If crowns sound appealing to you be sure to get assessed before too much tooth has been lost through repeated fractures.

At the assessment we will check all teeth and that the teeth in question are in a suitable state for crowning. We can then schedule appointments to complete the process, usually within a week or two.